Enjoy Great Food

At New Pioneer Food Co-op, we love food. We care about how it looks, how it tastes, who grew it, and where and how it was grown. Our selection demonstrates that it is possible to do the right thing for your personal wellbeing, protect the health of the environment, and strengthen the local economy while also meeting the shopping needs of our community.

Visit any cashier at either New Pi to fill out a membership application!

Member Benefits Include:

• Avoid the 5% non-member surcharge

• Receive Catalyst, the Co-op newsletter, by mail or email

• Vote in New Pi Board elections

• Have the opportunity to serve on the Board or a committee

• Enjoy check-writing privileges

• Receive patronage rebates in profitable years

• Feel good being part of a progressive, local, member-owned business!

It’s So Easy!

Become a member-owner of your Co-op today and join your 29,000+ (yes, that number is correct!) neighbors who are already members! Member shares are $60. This is a one-time investment, not an annual fee. The Co-op will buy back your share if you choose to relinquish your membership. Your membership priveleges extend to persons with whom you share living and food expenses.

Any cashier or customer service person will be glad to sign you up.

How Does the Co–op Work?

Your $60 member share provides the capital to stock New Pioneer’s shelves and improve our facilities. Shop at member-owner prices and help direct the future of your Co-op by voting for the best candidates in Board elections. The Board sets the course for the business and hires and directs the general manager (GM). The GM carries out the directives of the Board and oversees the store managers and department managers.